Atisha Buddhist Centre is launching a 31-day challenge: practise a simple breathing meditation each day for 15 minutes, and attend any class once a week at Atisha Centre for the month of March. By accepting this challenge you’ll learn an essential skill, calming your mind through meditation. Or if you already have some experience, you’ll renew your practice. In both cases, you’ll defintely feel better and gain insight into your mind and its potential.

To help you accomplish this challenge, please register by sending an email to You can also pick up the free supporting materials at Atisha Buddhist Centre at any of our classes. You’ll get:

  • a March calendar to help you keep track of each day you meditate
  • a description of the OM-AH-HUM breathing meditation from “Meditations for Relaxation” CD
  • a weekly inspiring email to support you with the challenge
  • the ability to ask meditation questions by email
  • a completion certicate for those who register and complete the challenge
  • a sense of accomplishment and a calmer, more positive mind

To participate in this challenge and receive these free materials please register by sending an email to March Meditation Challenge or